Some stories I wrote this year.

It was a summer afternoon in the fire department where Bill and Jeff were eating dinner. Then they heard the bell sound and they were off to their fire truck. When they got there a house was on fire. Bill quickly attached the hose to the fire hydrant. Then when Bill used it, it didn’t work.
“Bill called to Jeff and said this hose isn’t working it's clogged.”
“ Jeff said we’ll half to wait till another fire truck comes.”
“ Bill said the next fire that comes will be in 15 minutes”.
“I guess we both need to go in Jeff said”.
When Jeff and Bill Went in 2 rooms were on fire so they went in one of those rooms. When they went in the first room half of it was burning but no one was in there. Then they moved into the next room and it was engulfed with flames. They slowly worked up the stairs and there were five rooms in a narrow hallway. None of the rooms look to be on fire though. When Jeff went into the first room flames popped out at him.
“ We half to be quick with this Jeff said”.
“ Bill shouted let's split up to move more quickly”.
Then when Bill opened his door the room wasn't on fire but there was a kid asleep. The kid looked to be five years old. When Jeff opened his door he saw two adults asleep. They both looked to be 25 years old. Jeff quickly rushed over two wake them up. When he woke them up they were shocked so Jeff quickly rush them outside where the fire truck was. Bill went and picked the kid up and slowly but quickly worked his way down the stairs. When he got down the stairs everything was on fire so he went back upstairs. He went to the first window.
“Bill shouted send up the ladder.”
Then Jeff went into the truck and started to send up the ladder. When the ladder got to him he slowly worked his way down it. When he got to the bottom he gave the kid to his parents. Then more fire trucks showed up and they put out the fire, luckily most of the house was still there. Then Bill and Jeff were told to go back to the fire station. When they got back they went to their bed and slept.

Scientists Jeffrey and three other scientists were building a teleporter so they could go to the future. When they were done Jeffrey volunteered to go through the teleporter. When he went through all he saw was sky scrapers that touch the sky and floating cars. Then when he turn to and looked at the teleporter it was broken. He had to fix it but he doesn’t know where to get the parts he needs so he went exploring. When he went around the corner he saw people with jet packs, cars flying through the air and robots as servants. When Jeffrey walked up to the robot it said
“ How can i help you?”
“So Jeffrey said where can i find parts to fix a teleporter?”
“The robot said in an electronic voice sorry but i can not help you with
Then Jeffrey said “do you know where a science lab is”?
But again the robot said “sorry but i can not help you with
Puzzled Jeffrey keep working his way through the city, at least that what he thought it was. When Jeffrey was working his way down the street he stumbles upon these people so he ask them where the science lab was.
“Do you know where a science lab is”?
One of them said “ you half take a plane to Europe.”
“Where am i now”?
“ You're in America.”
Then Jeffrey Thanked the people and found his way to the airport so he could go to Europe. When he got on the plane it took three minutes for the plane to get to Europe. When he got off the plane he saw the lab. He also saw more skyscrapers, floating cars and robot servants like in America but everything was chrome. Then he went into the lab and found a working teleporter. He ask the the scientist if he could use the teleporter and they said yes. Then he went through the teleporter and went back home.

Kids will do anything to get out of chores. It is excuse after excuse to get out of doing any chore. Parents keep fighting with their son or daughter to do the chores but is it worth the fight. I think it is worth the fight because kids should do chores. It helps them mature faster, teach them how to do chores for when they're older and help around the house.If kids don't do these chores these things won't happen.

Kids should do chores because they should help around the house. When kids help around the house the parents don't half to do all the work. They will also help their mom and dad with the chores so they don't half to do them. When they help around the house it teaches children to take care of there things. Also it helps them to keep their things more organized. When kids help around the house they mature a little more.

It is important for kids to do chores because it helps them mature faster. When kids finally realize that doing chores are good they have become more mature. They are also more mature when they don't complain when they half to do them. Also when kids do chores without you asking for them to do chores then they have become more mature. Kids will also come more mature when you dont half to do so many chores anymore. Also when they do chores it helps them mature faster and know to do them for when they're older.

Kids need to do chores so they know how to do chores for when they are older. Kids should know how to do chores because when they're older you can't do it for them. They also need to know how to do chores so they can take care of their house. Chores are also important for them because they need to be able to teach there kids how to do chores. They also need to be able to help around the house so they can take care of their family.

Do you think kids should do chores? Kids should do chores so they mature faster, teaches them how to do chores for when they're older and help around the house. If kids don't know how to do chores they can't take care of themselves.That is why I think kids should have chores.