Some poems I wrote this year.

What is boogie boarding?

Boogie boarding is sprinting
into the water until
you can’t stand. Lay on your board
waiting for the perfect wave.
When a wave comes you turns toward the
beach then look over your shoulder.
You get ready
then the wave hits you
shot of like a
rocket screaming Whoo Hoo! When you
get to the beach you start sprinting
back into the ocean.

By Grady

What is fishing?
fishing is waiting for a tug on
your rod. Waiting for the
bobber to sink under the
water. Yanking the rod as
hard as you can to set
the hook. Hopping it is
not seaweed when
you reel in your rod.
This is fishing.
By Grady

What is sledding?
sledding is feeling the air
your face while
going down a steep
hill. Rushing to
get your snow clothes on
to go outside.
. Dashing for your sled
then sprinting
to the top
of the hill.
Trying to find
the steepest
part of the hill
This is sledding.

By Grady